This page contains information for psychologists and psychiatrists who conduct C&P exams for PTSD and other mental disorders, whether at the VA or in private practice.

You might want to start with the Mental Health C&P Examiners Recommended Reading List located here:

It’s really more than a reading list as it contains information about:

  • Highly relevant scholarly journal articles in psychology, psychiatry, and related fields.
  • Law review articles, particularly those relevant to Compensation and Pension examiners.
  • Books and book chapters regarding military psychology & psychiatry, and veterans issues.
  • Important veterans law court cases.
  • Email discussion lists for psych docs who conduct disability evaluations with veterans and in other contexts.
  • Professional guidelines, e.g., the excellent Practice Guideline For The Forensic Evaluation Of Psychiatric Disability developed by the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law.
  • VA publications and resources.
  • Newsletters about mental health C&P exams.
  • Helpful websites, e.g., a well-written Wikipedia article that will help you understand the VA disability benefits program for PTSD and other mental disorders in much less time than wading through the VA website (other the benefits side of the VA website is much improved).
  • How to join the Mental Health C&P Examiners wiki.

You can read the Reading List online or download a copy. Also, if you know of an article or resource that should be on the list, please let me know – mark [at] drworthen [dot] net. {Of course you need to write that in the correct email address format. I do not do that here to prevent harvesting by spambots.} 

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