Mailing Address and Fax Number for Veterans Compensation Claims

This is the new centralized intake mailing address and fax number for United States military veterans filing a disability benefits compensation claim. From the VA website:

Mail via US Postal Service:

PO BOX 5235
JANESVILLE WI 53547-5235

If you mail the statement, do so in a way that gives you proof that it was received, e.g., U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail, (which includes tracking) or even Signature Confirmation, or a similar service via FedEx or UPS.

Via Fax:

Fax to: 844-822-5246 (844VACLAIM)
In Wisconsin, fax to: 608-373-6690

If you fax the form, you will receive a fax receipt from the VBA centralized intake center. Every time I’ve faxed in records for a vet, I got the receipt back from VBA in less than one minute.

For extensive information and resources about VA disability benefits claims in general, please see Veterans Disability Benefits.