Do you want to keep up to date with the latest posts on Well, subscribing to the site’s RSS feed is one of the most common ways people do it.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

RSS iconRSS originally stood for Rich Site Summary, although the term Really Simple Syndication is more popular these days. Many people also call it a news feed that you subscribe to. RSS is a technology that allows you to stay up to date with your favorite websites, without having to visit each one over and over to check for new content. RSS is easier than manually checking and rechecking websites because:

  • It can get complicated when you are trying to track many websites at once.
  • You miss information when you forget to check your bookmarks (favorites).
  • You end up seeing the same info over and over again on sites that don’t update very often.

An Easier Way

Instead of bookmarking and setting up a schedule to check the website every week or so, you can simply ask me to notify you whenever I publish a new post. There are three ways to request ‘new post notification’:

  1. Subscribe to the PTSD Exams Newsletter – I notify Newsletter subscribers whenever I publish a new post on, and you also receive research updates and other info not published on this site.
  2. Subscribe to the RSS feed, and your RSS feed reader will show the new post automatically.

What is an RSS Feed Reader?

An RSS feed reader, sometimes called an “aggregator”, is a website or app that automatically retrieves new posts from a blog to which you subscribe, and organizes them in ways that you specify. There are dozens of RSS feed readers available, some are free and others charge a monthly fee. Some are minimalist (streamlined), while others offer multiple features, but can be rather complicated.

Most RSS feed readers will ask you to copy-and-paste the URL (website address) for the RSS feed to which you want to subscribe. The URL for the RSS feed is:

Note that Atom is another type of feed similar to RSS – almost all RSS feed readers can ‘read’ Atom feeds.

Where do I get an RSS Feed Reader?

You can search on Google or Bing for “RSS feed readers”, or here are some of the best minimalist, free readers:

Digg Reader – You read your feeds online

Feedreader Online – You read your feeds online.

RSS Owl – You download the software to your computer or tablet.

TheFreeDictionary –  Add the RSS feed to your customized home page on


You can also add an RSS extension (Add-on) to your browser:

ChromeRSS Feed Reader | The RSS Aggregator

FirefoxReader | Feedly for Firefox

Internet Explorer – Has a built-in feed reader, although it’s hard to find instructions for how to use it. (I do not use IE.) There is also a feed reader built-in to Outlook

Opera – Has a built-in RSS feed reader that is easy to use. 

SafariReeder 3.

Want to learn more?

Watch this video on YouTube, which explains the concept. (Note that the video was produced in 2007 so some of the information is out-of-date, e.g., Google Reader was discontinued.)

Read Wikipedia’s RSS article.

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